Privacy Policy

Some people love reading an in-depth account of privacy. If you’re not that kind of person, this is what you’ll likely want to know:

If you’re looking for a bit more about our privacy policy, grab a beverage and read on!

What Data We Collect

When you sign up for Stitchleaf, we do collect things like your first and last name, and an email address. That information is only used as part of communicating with you about our service. We will never sell or give away your information to a third party unless it’s part of a feature we offer. Even then, we only send the data we need to send in order to meet your expectations.

We expect that you’re probably using our writing app to, you know, write things. But we have no idea if that’s what you’re actually going to do with it. And we don’t look in on you to check. Your data is restricted to your account, and to those with whom you share it. (There is an option to share some data publicly on Stitchleaf Reader.)

If you should ever need or want to view the information we have stored about you, just send us an email at [email protected]. We would be happy to walk you through it, or restrict your data usage even further. But, as a note here, that may limit your ability to use some of the features of Stitchleaf.

Should you ever need help, we’re here for you. As we work with you, we’ll keep our messages and your email address for future reference. If you’re also on our public-facing (marketing) site we track activity for statistical reference and to test things out (like our design work). If you should ever volunteer data to us, in something like a survey, we do hang on to that for a reasonable amount of time.

The only times we will ever pass information about you along to another person is with regards to:

Law Enforcement

In the unlikely event that a problem with law enforcement arises, we will comply only once a court order has been provide to us and meet requirements of lawful requests by public authorities, or national security requirements. If we are able, and not restricted from doing so, we’ll even let you know when that happens. But without a court order we will not release the personal information of our users to any law enforcement.

Security and Encryption

When your data is sent back and forth between your device and our servers, we encrypt it. When we make a backup of your data, we encrypt it as well. Live data is not encrypted, because we need to access it so that you can use it. But otherwise, we don’t want to risk the theft of your best selling novel or personal data.


We or third parties might use “cookies” or similar technology as part of our services to track you.

Data Deletion

When you delete something, it’s gone. We don’t keep a backup of your data once you’ve removed it. If you should close your account, we won’t keep your data on hand beyond the amount of time it takes to delete it, and for the backups of it to be deleted. (About 30 days).

Location of Site and Data

Our services are hosted in the United States. If you are outside of the United States (the European Union or elsewhere, for example), your data will be sent to us (encrypted) and stored here. When you use our site or services, you are consenting to this transfer of your data.

GDPR Compliance

As part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, we recognize and will comply with your privacy rights except where we are limited by applicable laws from doing so. Your rights include:

Processors and Third Parties

Some of our features require external processors (subprocessors). In the process of sending your data to them, we make every effort to do so securely. Here are the subprocessors we use, and an overview of how your data is used:

Stripe handles purchases and subscriptions from our web app.

Amazon (AWS) handles some of our machine learning functionality.

We use Facebook‘s pixel data on our public-facing site. From within Stitchleaf you may also choose to connect your Facebook account for analytics data.

When you upload a document, we send that to Google‘s Cloud Service for processing. We also use Google Analytics as well.

If you choose to use Stitchleaf or one of the other apps on your iOS device, we process in-app-purchases with Apple.

If you have any kind of issue or concern, please do get in touch.