Features of Stitchleaf

Our goal is to help you write your best work, and get it to the people who need it. We build every feature of Stitchleaf with that in mind.

CHSL Cards, To Help Beat Writer’s Block

Our first module, CHSL Cards, has helped thousands of writers beat writer’s block and shape their stories. While you can still get the CHSL Cards app, we also include it alongside our writing interface so that you can easily get past creative blocks while you’re writing.

Goals and Reminders

Stitchleaf helps writers and editors stay on track and meet deadlines. When you tell us you have a goal, we send you reminders and progress reports. As you write the metrics update, helping you see your progress and stay motivated.

Write and Edit From Any Device

Your work should be available from any device you use. With Stitchleaf, as you write or edit on one device, the changes happen immediately on any of your others, too. That way you won’t lose work as you move around, or as you collaborate. During the closed beta Stitchleaf will only be available from some devices.

Features Built For Writers and Editors

We have a list of features ready to go, but we want to make sure they track with our community and their expectations. Over the next few months, we’ll slowly reveal each of the new modules and add additional features to help you get your best work out.