CHSL 1.5 And Why We Require An Account

Written by David Brooks on June 8, 2018 9:20 pm

The new interface for CHSL Cards

Each deck has its own art, which gives you a visual cue as you draw from multiple genres.

With the upcoming launch of Stitchleaf, we wanted to add features to CHSL and fix a few bugs that had been bothering us. If you’ve been using it on your iOS device, you’ll notice the newly updated CHSL app is now available for download. Yay!

We redid the interface, adding art to each deck and smoothing out some of the bugs around renewing purchases and refreshing decks when that happens. (Some people were having to go back and forth between screens if the initial response from Apple came back just a touch too slow.)

iPad users also have a cleaner interface, built just for them.

It’s also way faster.

But there’s one feature that we suspect will bother some people, and we want to explain why we added it. CHSL now ties into your Stitchleaf account, even before Stitchleaf is available for public use. That means it also requires you to sign in or sign up to CHSL before use.

Why are we requiring an account?

Because it’s in the best interest of everyone. (The account is free, too.) When we launched CHSL, it was just for iOS and the web. But there was a disconnect if you used both interfaces. If you made a purchase on the web it wouldn’t show up on your iOS device. It didn’t know who you were.

Likewise, if you purchased a deck through an in-app-purchase, Apple didn’t tell us a lot about who you were. If you were to use CHSL over at, or from within the Stitchleaf interface, the decks you purchased would be missing. The same would happen if you pick up an Android or Amazon tablet, too.

So there was no way for us to connect the dots without requiring an account. That meant that you needed to buy a copy of each deck on each device. And that’s not at all what we wanted to present.

Soon we’ll launch on other platforms which makes it incredibly likely that some people will have CHSL installed on multiple devices. Your content should be available to you anywhere you choose to use it. So we put the weight on CHSL and Stitchleaf to handle that.

That means when you use your Stitchleaf credentials you’ll always have access to your purchases. It’s the right way to respect our customers.

Going forward with CHSL, we’re excited about some of the upcoming features and how it will play a part in helping you shape your story on a much larger scale.