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Using CHSL Cards to Shape Your Story

The second way we use CHSL Cards is to shape already-existing plot points. That most-often means something we think is weak.

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Shaping CHSL Cards

David has already talked at length about the different ways you can use CHSL Cards to help shape your story: either molding it from the beginning or helping you with a quick and dirty prompt to get out of a tight spot. Today, I wanted to focus a bit on the design process of the cards themselves, what we wanted to accomplish, and how we set out to do it.

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The Inspiration Behind CHSL Cards

In a round-about way, CHSL Cards came as a response to a question posed to my writing group. “How do you get past writer’s block?” Nobody had ever asked me that question before, but after a second to think, I realized that I do something naturally. It’s just part of my personality and quirkiness.

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